How Do You Use Swedish Bitters on Scars?


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To use Swedish Bitters on scars, apply the application cream before applying the Swedish Bitters solution to the affected area, and apply compression for two to four hours. It is believed that Swedish Bitters has the power to remove scars if you moisten the scars up to 40 times.

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Swedish Bitters, also know as Schwedenbitter, activates the digestive organs, liver and other organs of the body when taken internally. When applied topically, Swedish Bitters' herbs act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to the skin. Furthermore, these herbs promote blood circulation. Swedish Bitters that you purchase in stores most often contain 11 herbs and are sometimes in a carrier solution of alcohol. To treat scars, it is important to use the liquid form of Swedish Bitters.

Moisten a cotton ball with Swedish Bitters, and apply directly to the scar with compression. Initially, leave on for two to four hours until tolerance builds. If your skin is sensitive, leave the Swedish Bitters on the skin for a shorter period of time. As your skin gains tolerance, increase the amount of time that the Swedish Bitters are left on the skin until you can leave it on overnight.

Scars that are treated with the Swedish Bitters will slowly begin to fade. Keep repeating the previous steps until the scar is no longer visible.

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