How Do You Use Spray Wax for Your Hair?

How Do You Use Spray Wax for Your Hair?

To use spray wax on your hair, wash and dry your hair completely. Divide your hair into layers, and spray the wax on, starting from the bottom layer. After each coat, use your finger to tousle your hair.

  1. Wash and dry your hair

    Wash your hair as you normally do. Allow it to air dry or use a hair dryer to remove all traces of moisture.

  2. Divide hair into layers

    Use your fingers or a comb to separate your hair into layers, starting at the top and working your way down. For more volume, create more layers. Clip each layer into place using bobby pins or hair clips.

  3. Add spray wax

    Let the bottom layer of hair out of its hair clip. Brush it out, and spray on a light coat of wax. Use your fingers to scrunch and tousle your hair so it has body. Let it dry completely. Repeat the process with each layer, working your way up to the top. For each layer, try not to break up large pieces; they give your hair a fresh, beachy look.

  4. Smooth the top layer

    If your top layer is not as neat as you would like, use a fine comb or brush to smooth the top surface. Run the brush or comb lightly over the surface to tame flyaway hair, making sure not to comb through every layer.