How Do You Use a Sharpie to Create Nail Art?

How Do You Use a Sharpie to Create Nail Art?

Sharpie markers can be used to create fun and inventive nail art. To adorn nails with Sharpie designs, you need Sharpie markers, nail polish and top coat.

  1. Apply a coat of nail polish

    Before Sharpie designs can be applied, nails must be coated in a base coat of polish. Choose a color, apply it to the nails, and allow the polish to dry.

  2. Add the Sharpie design

    Use Sharpie markers in any color to add flare to polish. Try using Sharpie markers in gold and silver for a fun metallic finish, and practice drawing polka dots, stripes and hearts onto the nails.

  3. Fix any mistakes

    Nail designs drawn on in Sharpie marker can be easily corrected. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swap or Q-tips to erase any errors. This gets rid of the Sharpie designs but shouldn't remove the nail polish base coat.

  4. Apply a top coat

    Make sure the Sharpie designs last by sealing them with a layer of top coat. Apply the transparent top coat to the nails when the Sharpie designs are completed. It isn't necessary for you to let the Sharpie designs dry, as they are unlikely to smudge when the top coat is applied.