How Do You Use Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

How Do You Use Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

Apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Don't apply a thick line of eyeliner initially. If you want more definition, make the line thicker little by little. When lining the bottom eye, only line two-thirds of the bottom. For a natural look, connect the outer corners of the top and bottom of the eye with eyeliner.

  1. Apply eyeliner very close to the lash line

    Make sure the eyeliner is between every single eyelash. In order to make the line more defined, apply your eye shadow first, and then apply semi-permanent eyeliner.

  2. Keep the line thin

    The line should define the shape of your eyes, but shouldn't be too thick, as this can be overwhelming. If you want a thicker line for a cat-eye look, you can always make the line thicker. However, it's extremely difficulty to make the line thinner, so start with a little eyeliner and increase the amount if desired.

  3. Line the bottom of your eyes

    Apply eyeliner to the bottom outer two-thirds of the eye. This brings out the shape of your eyes and keeps the eyeliner from taking over your look. A thin, soft line is best. The line on the bottom of the eyes should connect with the outer corner of the upper eye for a natural look.