How Do You Use Semi-Permanent Eyelash Glue?


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To use semi-permanent eyelash glue, apply it directly to the strip of the fake eyelash. This method works well for people who have steady hands. For less experienced people, one trick is to apply the glue to the handle tip of tweezers and glide it along the eyelash strip.

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Another tip for using eyelash glue is to apply a generous amount to both ends of the lash. This makes it less likely for the glue to come unstuck when the eye blinks. Before applying the eyelash to the eyes, let the glue dry for a moment. This helps keep the eyelash strip from being to slippery when applying it.

It is also important to measure the eyelash, and cut off any excess length before using it. Also, bend the lash into a slight "c" shape to help it fit the contour of the eye. This helps keep the corners of the lash from curling up and away from the eye. To apply it, aim for the base of the natural eyelash line that is directly on top of the real eyelashes.

The fake lash should not be touching the actual eyelid. Let the glue dry completely before applying any additional makeup.

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