How to Use a Sarong Clip?

Using a sarong clip is done simply by fashioning the sarong in the desired style, passing the ends of the sarong through the appropriate holes of the sarong clip, and tying them in a knot. Sarong clips come in a multitude of styles and designs, and a look can be changed by draping the sarong in different styles and securing it with a fashionable clip.

  1. Fashion sarong

    Gather sarong and wrap it around the body in the preferred style such as maxi skirt, halter dress or wrap skirt.

  2. Thread the first hole

    Insert one end of the sarong through the first hole of the sarong clip.

  3. Thread the second hole

    Insert the opposite end of the sarong into the second hole of the sarong clip.

  4. Tie the sarong

    Take both ends of the sarong that have been passed through the holes of the sarong clip and tie them securely in a knot.