How Do You Use Purcellin Oil?

PurCellin Oil is a synthetic ingredient meant to recreate the preen oil gland of ducks. It is also known as cetearyl ethylhexanoate. Preen oil is secreted by ducks to waterproof their feathers. In cosmetics, PurCellin Oil is used to make formulas non-greasy and less viscous and to improve absorption. It is the key ingredient in Bio-Oil, a popular skincare oil.

Bio-Oil also contains botanicals such as vitamins A and E, calendula, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. However, in addition to these plant extracts, it contains such potentially harmful ingredients as liquid paraffin and BHT, which has been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity.

Bio-Oil is used to reduce the visibility of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. It is also a strong moisturizer that helps treat wrinkles and dehydrated skin. To use Bio-Oil, apply it twice daily on affected skin. Results should be noticeable after three months. Do not use on unhealed wounds or broken skin. To prevent stretch marks from pregnancy, begin using Bio-Oil during the first trimester.

Bio-Oil was created by the German chemist Dieter Beier. It began selling globally in 2002 and is now the number one selling scar product in 18 countries. It has won 194 skincare awards.