How Do You Use a Pumice Stone?


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To use a pumice stone to remove dead skin, calluses or corns, soak the affected area in warm, soapy water until the skin begins to soften for at least five minutes. Moisten the pumice stone, and rub it across the skin using light to medium pressure. Continue rubbing the stone over the affected area for at least two to three minutes. Repeat the process daily.

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Rinse pumice stones well after each use. When pumice stones are used with too much force when rubbing dead skin from calluses or corns, they may take off too much skin, causing bleeding or infection.

Pumice is also used to construct lightweight concrete and insulative, low-density cinder blocks. A fine-grained version of pumice called pozzolan is mixed with lime and used as an additive in cement mixtures. The mixture is used to make a fine-grained version of pumice that produces a plaster-like concrete. Pumice is also used as an abrasive in polishes, erasers and skin exfoliants and in the production of stone-washed jeans. Pumice is also used as an additive in some toothpastes and heavy-duty cleaners as a mild abrasive. Pumice is a volcanic rock that is produced when super-heated rock under extreme pressure is ejected from the volcano.

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