How Do You Use a Printable Ring Gauge?


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Printable ring gauges are used to measure and identify a person's ring size. To identify ring size, a current ring is matched to the appropriate circle on the ring gauge. Alternatively, a string is measured around the intended finger and compared against the ring gauge.

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Printable ring gauges display a range of rings in increasing sizes, from size 1 to size 13.5. Proper measurements are made using a current ring, ring gauge or string.

For measurements made using a current ring, the ring is moved along the circles of the ring gauge to identify the size that most closely matches the current ring. In the absence of a current ring, a ring gauge or string is used. The ring gauge is a strip of paper that is wrapped around the intended finger until a snug fit is acquired. In this position, the gauge points to a number that corresponds to the appropriate ring size.

Alternatively, a string such as yarn is wrapped around the finger to achieve a similarly snug fit. The length of the string is compared against the ring gauge or against a ruler to determine the length. A length conversion chart usually accompanies the printable ring gauge and can be used to identify the appropriate size.

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