How Do You Use a Pimple Popping Tool?


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To use a pimple popping tool, or a comedone, first sterilize the extractors with rubbing alcohol. Use warm water and a gentle soap to cleanse the face, and consider steaming problem skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Use light pressure on whiteheads with the larger looped end of the comedone. Roll the flat end of the comedone over blackheads.

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If a whitehead is not easily extracted, use a lancet to puncture the top of the pimple. Apply pressure again with the comedone. If light pressure is not enough, leave the pimple alone to avoid scarring. A blackhead cannot be popped, only expressed by rolling the comedone gently over the pore. After the pimple is extracted, use a toner to cleanse and close the pores. For trouble skin, apply benzoyl peroxide, antibiotic cream or tea tree oil mixed with water to the area to rid the skin of any bacteria.

Sterilize the comedone before and after extraction to prevent spreading bacteria. Never use fingers to extract pimples because it swells the skin and causes scarring. Avoid using the comedone on cystic acne because cysts are large and full of puss. Have a dermatologist lance large, inflamed or cystic acne for safety and to avoid scars.

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