How Do You Use a Pedicure Grater?


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Pedicure graters are simple to use and only involve placing them in the hand to file away dead skin on the foot using short strokes. Perhaps because they are so easy to use, however, it is easy to file away too much skin at a time, resulting in sore, burning skin.

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One of the most highly marketed pedicure graters is the Ped Egg, which consists of a small grater encased in an egg-shaped shell. To use the Ped Egg, simply hold the shell and stroke the grater over dead skin. The Ped Egg is very effective. While it claims to catch the shavings of dead skin in its "egg," that does not always happen as promised.

The Ped Egg and other pedicure graters make it very easy to remove too much skin. When this occurs, the skin is left raw and burning. Other concerns arise regarding the use of pedicure graters in nail salons. Because these graters are potentially invasive, since they can draw blood, it is possible for them to spread bacteria or infectious diseases from one customer to another. For this reason, some states have banned the use of not only pedicure graters but also razor blades in pedicures.

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