How Do You Use Old Spice Deordorant?

How Do You Use Old Spice Deordorant?

Old Spice has several deodorant products. However, the basic method of application of each one is consistent. Proper application prevents sweat and helps maintain a pleasant odor.

  1. Get clean

    Before applying the product, take a shower, or at least wash the armpits. Cleaning rinses away existing sweat and odors. Otherwise, the product only masks these problems.

  2. Twist and apply

    Typical Old Spice deodorants have a twist feature at the bottom used to push the product up through holes at the top. Twist a couple times and check the dispenser holes. When adequate product is released, run the deodorant up and down each armpit twice.

  3. Sniff and re-apply

    It is better to start with a moderate amount to avoid excessive application, which creates a strong smell. If the initial application is too light, twist again and reapply.