How Do You Use a Norelco Shaver?


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To use a Philips Norelco shaver, turn it on, and run it over your cheeks, jaw and neck, keeping it pressed against your skin lightly. Instructions vary based on the Norelco model.

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How Do You Use a Norelco Shaver?
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As of April 2015, dry shave, wet shave and combination Norelco shavers are available. Dry shave models are used on dry skin. Wet shave models are used on damp skin with a layer of shaving cream or gel applied. Combination models can be used for both.

Norelco shavers have a battery that must be charged before use. After shaving, remove the head of the shaver to expose the blades. The number of blades varies based on the model. Certain models can be cleaned by rinsing the blades with water. Models that can't go in water need to be scrubbed with a razor brush.

Features available on some Norelco shavers include the flex and float system, skin protection system and the super lift and cut action. Shavers with the flex and float systems have heads that follow the shape of your face for a closer shave. Shaver heads with the skin protection system are rounded and have low friction to prevent skin irritation. The super lift and cut action raises the hair to allow for a deeper cut.

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