How Do You Use Nivea Cream?

use-nivea-cream Credit: Justus Blümer/CC-BY 2.0

Nivea cream can be rubbed onto your whole body for complete moisturizing to help keep your skin healthy and prevent drying. It is best to apply Nivea cream to your body after a shower and to apply extra cream during dry weather periods, after shaving or after sun exposure.

  1. Take a bath or shower

    To increase the moisturizing effects of Nivea cream, take a shower or bath before applying to your body. Applying Nivea cream while your skin is still damp increases hydration to your skin as additional water absorption is achieved.

  2. Rub in Nivea cream

    Add a generous amount of Nivea cream to your hands, and apply evenly over your entire body. Gently rub the cream into your skin until the cream thoroughly absorbed. Add ample amounts to drier areas of your skin such as your knees, hands, feet and elbows.

  3. Apply extra cream during dry weather or other harsh conditions

    During winter months and other dry weather periods your skin needs extra moisture. Apply Nivea cream a few additional times throughout the day during these times. Shaving and sun exposure can also irritate and dry out your skin. Apply Nivea cream after shaving or sun exposure to replenish moisture to your skin.