How Do You Use a Neti Pot?

The neti pot is named after Jala Neti, a technique used for rinsing the sinuses for health purposes. The neti pot can be used in the morning, at night, before exercising, or after strenuous activity. In addition to your neti pot, you need salt, distilled water, and a bowl or cup.

  1. Heat the distilled water

    Heat 2 cups of distilled water until it is warm and comfortable to you.

  2. Prepare the saline solution

    Combine 1 teaspoon of salt with the 2 cups of distilled water in a bowl or cup.

  3. Fill the neti pot

    Fill the neti pot with the saline solution.

  4. Find a location to use your neti pot

    Choose a discrete location to use your neti pot. Find an area that you don't mind getting messy, like a sink or shower.

  5. Use your neti pot

    Tilt your head down and sideways, so your face is horizontal. Insert the neti pot spout into the outer nostril and pour the warm saline water in a slow stream. Use only half of the warm saline water.

  6. Repeat the process

    When half of the saline water is gone, tilt your head to the other side. Pour the remaining saline water through the other nostril in the same way.

  7. Clean your neti pot

    After using your neti pot, rinse it with clean water. Allow the neti pot to air dry.

Nasal irrigation should be done with a saline solution, according to Healthline. The solution can be a homemade mixture of water and kosher salt, or there are commercial products the user can purchase. It is important that the solution be sterile because otherwise a life-threatening illness can occur. People who make their own saline solutions can boil the water to make it sterile or purchase sterile water. The neti pot should also be thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses to prevent infections.

Neti pots are used to treat congestion due to allergies or minor infections, reports WebMD. Nasal irrigation is basically safe, but it should not be used on infants or small children. It also should not be used when there are no symptoms, because it strips away protective layers of mucus. It is best to use the neti pot over a sink or tub, because the water pours out of the lower nostril. Some liquid may also run into the user's throat. If this occurs, the user should spit the water into the sink.