How Do You Use Nair?

How Do You Use Nair?

When using Nair, smooth the cream or gel onto skin evenly in a thin layer. Do not apply Nair to sensitive areas of skin, such as near the eyes or mouth.

  1. Inspect the skin

    Ensure there are no cuts, abrasions or forms of skin irritation in the areas the Nair is to be applied. This helps prevent the occurrence of additional burns and irritation.

  2. Test your skin

    Rub a small amount of Nair onto a tiny portion of skin. The inside of your arm works well. Wait a few minutes, and check for irritation. If redness, swelling or a rash develop, thoroughly rinse the area and do not use the product.

  3. Apply evenly

    Smooth Nair onto skin in an even layer. Do not rub into skin, or apply too much. Use just enough to coat hair evenly for proper removal.

  4. Watch the clock

    One of the most important aspects of using Nair safely is to use it for the required length of time. There may be a minimum length of time and a maximum length of time, which is usually no longer than 10 minutes. Wipe a small area of skin starting at the minimum length. If the hair doesn't come off easily, wait another minute and try again. Do not exceed the maximum time limit.

  5. Consider alternatives

    If Nair creams do not work for you, or if the cream irritates your skin, consider using Nair wax instead. Wax versions may contain different ingredients that may not cause the same issues.