How Do You Use Nail Buffing Cream?

You can easily use nail buffing cream in less than an hour with a couple of cleaning items. Use of nail buffing cream adds shine to the nails and helps to reduce any ridges.

  1. Apply nail buffing cream to the cuticles

    Remove any existing nail polish. Apply the nail buffing cream lightly to each cuticle. Use a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick to remove excess cuticle. Never cut the cuticles.

  2. Apply nail buffing cream to the nails

    Spread nail buffing cream over the entire nail. Use a buffer, a chamois or a soft cloth to buff the nail, always working in the same direction.

  3. Clean the nail

    Wash the nails with soap and water. Add beeswax and polish with a chamois or soft cloth to leave the nail looking natural, or polish the nails.