How Do You Use a Money Clip?

How Do You Use a Money Clip?

How Do You Use a Money Clip?

Use a money clip by sliding folded bills in between the clip's ends so that the bills are held securely. Place a driver's license or credit cards inside the folded bills for safekeeping.

  1. Prepare the bills and cards

    Pile the bills into a neat stack. Create a similar stack with the driver's license and credit cards.

  2. Fold the bills and cards

    Place the stack of cards near one end of the stack of bills. The centers of the cards should be positioned so that the clip will hold them firmly in place. Fold the bills over the cards to create a "sandwich."

  3. Clip the money and cards

    Slide the folded bills and cards in between the ends of the money clip. Position the money as far back into the clip as possible without compromising the clip's grip.