How Do You Use the Maybelline Virtual Makeover Feature?


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As of 2015, Maybelline does not offer a virtual makeover feature on its website. It does provide makeup tips, video tutorials and advanced search features, but this content is not customized for individual users. Avon, Sally Beauty and Seventeen Magazine are alternate websites that provide virtual makeover features.

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Avon's virtual makeover allows users to upload their own photographs, take a new webcam photo or choose from a selection of model photos. Makeup choices available include foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. Nail polish previews and one-click makeovers that apply multiple products are also offered.

Sally Beauty recommends that users upload a high-resolution photograph for its virtual makeover but also offers a selection of model photos to choose from. Sally Beauty's virtual makeover contains the same makeup and nail polish features as Avon's virtual makeover, but it also features hairstyle and hair color virtual makeovers.

Seventeen Magazine allows users to import photos from Facebook, upload a photograph or choose from a selection of models. This virtual makeover provides in-depth options for each part of the face, including contouring and lip liner. It provides hair length, style and color options. Seventeen Magazine also provides a selection of celebrity hair and makeup looks that users can apply with one click.

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