How Do You Use Manicure Tools?

To use manicuring tools, each needs to be used for its intended function: clippers trim the nail length, a nail file shapes the nail, cuticle clippers trim the cuticles and a cuticle pusher removes dirt under the nails and pushes the cuticles back. Nails should be dry when clipped or filed to prevent splitting.

  1. Push back the cuticles using the cuticle pusher
  2. Prior to pushing the cuticles back, they should be soaked in warm water. The flat side is used to gently push the cuticles back. They should not be forced when pushing. The pointed side of the tool is inserted under the nail to remove dirt.

  3. Trim the cuticles
  4. Gliding the cuticle cutter gently over the cuticles removes hangnails.

  5. Trim and shape the nails
  6. Nail clippers are used to remove any unnecessary length. A nail file, used in a single direction, then shapes the nail and removes any rough spots.