How Do You Use Makeup to Disguise Wrinkles?

How Do You Use Makeup to Disguise Wrinkles?

Use makeup to conceal wrinkles by applying lightweight foundation, primer, topical wrinkle filler, light-colored eye makeup and brightening concealer. The right makeup can take years off your look instantly.

  1. Use moisturizer

    Every makeup regimen should begin with moisturizer, as it keeps the skin healthy.

  2. Use primer

    Before applying foundation, use a primer to prep the face. This stops foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles and increases the longevity of the makeup. Apply primer with a makeup sponge.

  3. Use a lightweight foundation

    When it comes to foundation, less is often more. Switch heavy foundation for a light moisturizing foundation. Apply it in thin layers until an even skin tone is achieved.

  4. Use a topical wrinkle filler

    To make forehead wrinkles disappear, first apply a topical wrinkle filler to the area. Then dab a light layer of foundation over the lines. For difficult-to-cover lines, try adding a sweep of brightening concealer right on top of the wrinkle.

  5. Add bangs

    The best way to cover forehead wrinkles is by adding bangs to a haircut.

  6. Use light shades of eye makeup

    Harsh eye makeup can make wrinkles look more pronounced. Throw out your black eyeliner and reach instead for champagne-colored eye shadow with a touch of shimmer.