How Do You Use Makeup Brushes?

How Do You Use Makeup Brushes?

To use makeup brushes, start by loading a foundation brush and using it to apply the makeup. Follow that by using a concealer brush to blend concealer into the foundation and a powder brush to set the makeup with face powder. Wash the foundation and concealer brushes daily.

  1. Load the foundation brush

    The first brush used for typical makeup application is the foundation brush. Get it damp with warm water, squeezing out excess fluid. Dip the brush into a well of foundation, working the makeup into the bristles.

  2. Apply the foundation

    Use a tapping motion to apply the makeup to your face. Avoid sweeping motions, except for when blending at the jawline and around the eyes.

  3. Load the concealer brush

    The next step in applying makeup with brushes is using the concealer brush. Dab the bristles into a small well of concealer.

  4. Apply concealer

    Twirl the concealer brush over any blemishes. Use the flat bristles to apply concealer over other problem areas, such as skin discoloration. Blend the concealer into the foundation.

  5. Wash the brushes

    Foundation and concealer brushes need to be washed after every use. Use a gentle soap or cleanser especially for brushes. Swirl the brush in soapy water, and rinse thoroughly. Blot the brush so that it maintains its shape, and allow it to air dry.

  6. Load the powder brush

    After applying foundation and concealer, makeup gets set with loose powder. Dip the brush in a well of loose powder, and shake to remove excess powder.

  7. Apply face powder

    Use the belly of the brush to lightly dust your face with powder.