How Do You Use the Loreal Haircolor Remover Kit?


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Before using the Loreal Haircolor Removal Kit, make sure that you make proper preparations. First make sure that your hair is dry and detangled. Also, be sure to protect your hands by using the gloves in the kit. Protect your clothing by draping a towel over your shoulders.

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Before applying the Loreal mixture, pour the Developer into the bottle containing the Haircolor Remover Powder. Open the top of the bottle, place your finger over it, and shake the contents. Mix well. Make sure that you use gloves and that the bottle is not near your face.

Next, apply the mixture to your hair, making sure that you cover the darkest areas first. Apply the hair color mixture until all of the hair is covered. Do not apply the product to new hair growth, and make sure that you apply to the colored root area last. Refrain from touching the scalp or rubbing the product into the scalp.

Processing time varies according to color shade. Light hair shades need to process for five to 20 minutes, medium shades for 20 to 50 minutes, and dark shades for 20 to 60 minutes. After hair has processed for the designated time, rinse hair with lukewarm water until the water is clear. Gently shampoo hair, taking care not to rub the scalp. Dry hair, and style as desired.

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