How Do You Use a Jilbere Razor Comb?

How Do You Use a Jilbere Razor Comb?

To use a Jilbere precision cut razor, separate the bangs and secure the rest of the hair. Drag the tool through the bangs, beginning midway down the portion to be styled. Repeat this three to four times depending on the thickness of the hair being cut.

  1. Separate the bangs

    Comb the bangs down over the forehead. Use clips to secure the remaining hair away from the bangs.

  2. Apply the razor to the hair

    Hold the bangs up away from the face and glide the razor comb through. Do not start at the roots; start half way down for an accurate cut.

  3. Repeat the process

    Drag the razor gently through the bangs three to four times until the desired effect is achieved.