How Do You Use Ion Hair Color?


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To use Ion hair color, use disposable gloves and place a towel around your neck to avoid staining skin. Mix the dye thoroughly with a developer before applying it to hair. Use 2 ounces of developer for every tube of hair color. Apply and let sit before rinsing it out.

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If you are using a liquid hair dye, mix both the dye and developer in a bottle before applying the mixture as you would a shampoo. Be sure to cover every strand of your hair, from the root to the end, to ensure proper coverage. If your dye is a cream-based dye, mix it with the developer in a small bowl. Use an applicator brush to apply the cream dye and developer mixture to small sections of hair, one at a time, until you have covered all the hair with the dye.

The processing time is unique to individual color preferences and hair type. Follow the instructions on the insert regarding the correct length of time for your particular condition. If your hair has a fine texture, shorten the processing time a bit to avoid damage. Coarse hair can generally go longer without damaging the hair. To ensure that you don't leave the dye on your hair for longer than recommended by the insert, set a timer to remind you when to rinse it out. When the processing time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly.

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