How Do You Use Hot Rollers?

How Do You Use Hot Rollers?

Using hot rollers successfully requires sectioning the hair properly, rolling the hair tightly against the roller and keeping the final look loose and wavy without brushing out the curl. Hot rollers work best at adding curl to medium-length or long hair.

Hot rollers should be preheated to get a good result. Hair should be clean and dry with no tangles; wet hair will not respond well to hot rollers.

Using hot rollers starts with sectioning the hair into four major sections: one on top of the head, one in the back of the head and one over each ear. Hair that is not in the section being worked on should be clipped out of the way. Each section should then be subdivided into three more sections, each of which will be rolled around one roller.

Hot rollers typically come in several sizes. Larger sized rollers produce looser waves while smaller rollers produce smaller curls. Using the correct size roller for the desired style, the ends of each subsection of hair should be placed around a roller, which is then rolled up toward the scalp. The very ends of each strand of hair must be fully wrapped around the roller.

The longer the roller is kept in place and the hotter it is, the tighter the eventual curl will be. Typically 10 minutes with curlers in place results in tight curls. When the desired curliness is achieved, the rollers should be carefully unrolled, taking care not to catch strands of hair in either the clip or the roller.