How Do You Use a Hot Curler?


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You need a set of hot curlers that includes both large and small rollers and pins. Roll sections of hair into curlers, let them cool, and remove curlers. The entire process takes from 30 to 60 minutes based on experience.

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  1. Place and roll curlers for top and back sections of hair

    Start at the top of your head. Grab a thin portion of hair that is similar in width to the curler. With the roller three inches away from your head, wind the entire section of hair up to the tips of your hair and place tips in the curler. Roll hair around the curler, all the way down to your head, and pin in place. Use large curlers for long sections of hair and small curlers for short sections. Continue this process for the top and back sections of hair.

  2. Place and roll curlers for side sections of hair

    Continue a similar process as the top and back sections of hair, but only place the roller two inches away from your head on the sides. The roller should be placed at a 45 degree angle for each section, and the back of the curler needs to be pointed towards the back of your head. Roll each section of hair away from your face and pin in place.

  3. Let hair cool

    Let hair thoroughly cool and unwind curlers.

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