How Do You Use a Hat Design Template?


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To use a hat design template, first choose the preferred style of hat. Choose the part of the hat that you want to contain the text or graphic. Type in the text, and choose the font, size, text and outline colors, and the shape of the text. To add a graphic, either choose one from the template's database or upload a custom design or logo.

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How Do You Use a Hat Design Template?
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Hat design templates offer an array of thread colors and readable fonts ranging from the more professional Arial to the trendy City Scripts. Text can be straight, offset, or arched from the top, bottom or like a bridge. Text or graphics can be placed on the front, back, left or right side of the hat.

Companies using hat design templates often provide users a database of stock graphics. Creators wishing to use their own designs can upload JPEG or GIF files no bigger than 5MB directly to the template. The design is then converted to a file that can be read by an embroidery machine.

The cost of producing custom hats from hat design templates varies. At companies such as Lids, text-only hats cost around $10, as of 2015, and hats that use graphics from the stock database cost about $12. Hats with both custom text and stock database graphics retail for about $14. To use custom artwork, a set-up fee is often required, but this fee can be waived, depending on the number of units ordered.

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