How Do You Use Hair Rollers?

How Do You Use Hair Rollers?

Curl your hair with hot rollers or regular rollers by choosing rollers of the right diameter for the chosen hair style, applying styling product, rolling the hair, and removing the rollers and combing the hair out. You need rollers, a way to attach the rollers, styling product and a comb.

  1. Choose the right rollers

    Hot rollers work quickly to impart curl to the hair via heat and are used on dry hair. Standard rollers are used on wet hair and must be left in until the hair dries, either naturally or under a hair dryer. The larger the roller used, the looser the curl it creates. Choose rollers based on the amount of time you have to set your hair and the tightness of the curl you prefer.

  2. Apply styling product

    Use a gel, mousse or heat-activated spray if you're using hot curlers. With standard rollers, apply a light hairspray to the hair.

  3. Roll the hair

    Section the hair, and pin up the sections you're not working on. Start on the crown of the head and work backwards, wrapping 2-inch sections of the hair under each roller. Roll the sides of the hair next, from top to bottom. Attach hot rollers with the supplied pin. Standard rollers attach with hook-and-loop fasteners; if your rollers don't have them, attach them with bobby pins.

  4. Remove the rollers

    If using hot rollers, wait until they are cool. If using standard rollers, wait until your hair is dry. Remove the rollers in the reverse order in which you put them in. Shake the hair out, and comb it into the style you prefer.