How Do You Use a Hair Dye Color Chart?

A hair dye color chart is used to select either an entirely new hair color or to subtly change an existing color to a few shades darker or lighter. The color chart also helps to select good combination colors for highlights and different skin tones.

Hair color is divided into four main categories: red, brunette, blonde and black. Within these four large categories are a vast range of shades and tones that can make a big difference in a person's overall appearance. These are classified into warm and cool tone categories and refer to how light or dark the shade is. Lighter shades are warm and the darker ends of the spectrum are classified as cooler tones. A color chart makes it easy to identify and immediately select the user's exact shade of preference within the four large categories.

For example, a warm color such as a golden blonde can be changed into a cooler tone under the same category, such as a champagne or ash blonde color. Big hair color brands provide numerous options under each of the main colors, in addition to their names and numbers. This information makes changing the existing hair color to a new shade very easy, either at home or at the salon. Some hair color dye charts go into more detail and provide information on the best shades for certain skin tones and eye colors.