How Do You Use Hair Curlers or Rollers?


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To get the best results with hot rollers or curlers, it is important to prepare the hair, choose curlers based on hair type, use curlers in the right formation and apply a shine serum after the hair is curled.

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How Do You Use Hair Curlers or Rollers?
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When choosing between hot rollers and other types of curlers, it is important to consider hair type and desired curl. Larger rollers will create loose waves, and smaller rollers will create tight ringlets.

Before positioning the rollers, apply a setting product to hair. People using hot rollers should try heat activating sprays, while people using Velcro rollers should use volume boosting hairsprays.

Once the preparation is completed, it is time to position the rollers. Divide the hair into sections, and begin by making a makeshift curler mohawk down the middle of the head. Then position curlers into the hair on the sides of the head. Use sections of hair that are about two inches thick.

After the rollers are correctly positioned in the hair, it is time to let them sit. People using hot rollers should leave them in until the rollers are completely cool. People using Velcro rollers should heat the hair with a blow dryer and let it cool for several minutes afterwards.

Once the rollers are out, use hairspray to give hair volume and hold. Add smoothing serum if hair looks frizzy or coarse.

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