How Do You Use Frownies Above Your Lips?

How Do You Use Frownies Above Your Lips?

Frownies is an adhesive product that is applied directly to the face to reduce the look of frown lines, lip lines and wrinkles. The facial pads can safely be applied above a person’s lips to soften lines around that area.

The user begins by cleansing and moisturizing the area around the lips. After moisturizer has absorbed into the skin, the user should massage the skin above the lip area for 10 seconds. The massage will stimulate circulation near the facial lines and help the Frownies work more effectively. Following the massage, the user sprays Frownies Hydrator Spray on the shiny side of the Frownies adhesive.

The next step is to physically apply the Frownies above the lip area by using two fingers of one hand to hold back the skin, and then pressing the Frownies directly onto the skin above the lips.

Frownies should be left on the user's skin for a minimum of three hours, and the best results are achieved with overnight use. Following overnight use, a thorough soaking helps to remove the pads.

This process should be repeated nightly for a minimum of thirty days, for best results. The maintenance regime is to use Frownies four nights per week.