How Do You Use a Flat Iron?

How Do You Use a Flat Iron?

To use a flat iron, apply a styling cream and heat-protective spray to damp hair, dry your hair thoroughly, and iron your hair in 1-inch sections, working through each layer. Rub a serum gloss on your hair for extra shine and to keep hair in place once it is ironed.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Apply a small dollop of styling cream to damp hair. For curly or coarse hair, use a straightening balm.

  2. Dry your hair

    Use a hair dryer to make sure your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron. Keep the hair dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair, and blow-dry from the roots to ends.

  3. Flat iron sections of your hair

    Clip away the top half of your hair, and iron 1-inch sections of hair, working your way around the bottom layer. Clamp the iron down as close to the scalp as possible, and slowly pull the iron down the length of hair. Once you complete the bottom layer, work your way up through the sections of your hair, layer by layer.

  4. Apply a serum gloss to your hair

    Rub a serum gloss between your hands, and apply it to your hair for extra shine and to keep your hair in place. Finish with a hairspray to keep frizz under control.