How Do You Use Fishing Knots to Braid?


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Use fishing knots to connect a braided line to the leader, the hook or when fishing with a swivel rod. Braided lines are thinner and more slippery than monofilament or flurocarbon lines. They require different, stronger fishing knots. Through testing, specialty fishing website SaltStrong.com determined that the best fishing knots for braided line are a modified Uni Knot and the San Diego Jam knot.

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Braided lines are light, flexible and easy to cast far. Because they are resistant to abrasion, they are often used for angling in rocky terrains. On the other hand, these lines do not stretch much and can thus be broken by fish.

Braids were initially made from silk or linen. They are now most commonly made out of synthetic materials such as Dacron, Spectra or micro-dyneema. According to Wikipedia, they are used with spectacular results, especially for bait reeling.

A modified Uni Knot can be used for braid by making 10 or more turns of the line in the eye of a regular Uni Knot. The San Diego knot also requires some modifications to prevent slippage. Salt Strong hosts video tutorials for these (and other knots') adapted versions. Some fishermen secure their braid knots with a drop of glue.

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