How Do You Use Eyeliner

How Do You Use Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner by holding the upper eyelid taught and creating a smooth, even line. Set the liner in place with eyeshadow before lightly lining the lower lid.

  1. Prepare the upper eyelid

    Start with clean, dry skin that's been moisturized as normal. With one or two fingers, hold the skin of the upper-right eyelid taut.

  2. Line the upper lid

    Using the opposite hand, apply eyeliner to the upper lid with an eyeliner pencil. Draw a smooth stroke from the inner corner to the outer corner, following the contour of the lid.

  3. Embellish the line

    If desired, make the line thicker in the middle of the lid, and sweep it up at the outer corner, extending beyond the edge of the eye. Optionally, use your fingertip or a cotton swab to smudge the liner. To increase the drama of the liner and make it last longer, trace over the eyeliner pencil with liquid eyeliner.

  4. Set the liner in place

    Increase the staying power of your eyeliner by applying dark eyeshadow over the liner. This sets the eyeliner and helps create a smoky eye effect.

  5. Line the lower lid

    Apply eye liner along the lower lash line, working from the outer corner to the inner corner, stopping approximately halfway across the eye. Using a heavy hand on the lower lid typically makes eyes look smaller.