How Do You Use Eye Makeup?

The secret to eye makeup is applying it so that it complements the eyes. The necessary supplies are makeup brushes, eye shadow in three to four shades, eyeliner and mascara. The application takes approximately 5 minutes.

  1. Start with a neutral color

    Use an eye shadow color in a neutral shade that complements the skin tone. Use an eye shadow brush to apply the shade from the brow to the lash line.

  2. Shade in the crease

    Use a blending brush to apply a medium-dark shadow to the crease of the eye. For a more dramatic look, draw the outer edges out.

  3. Add color

    Choose a color that complements the eyes: blue or purple for brown eyes, plum for green and gold or peach for blue eyes. Use the shadow brush to apply this color from the crease to the lash line.

  4. Highlight the eyes

    Use a small brush to sweep a light shadow over the brow bone. Add the same color at the inner corners of the eyes to brighten them.

  5. Apply eyeliner

    To make eyes look wide awake, apply a white or light beige eyeliner to the inner, lower lid. Use a dark color to create a line following both the lower and upper lash line. Draw the line out slightly from the outer corner of the eye.

  6. Use mascara

    Apply two coats of mascara to both the lower and upper lashes. Roll the barrel while working to avoid clumps.