How Do You Use an Excellence Creme Color Chart?


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Use the Excellence Cream color chart to find the hair color that matches the shade that you want for your hair, then find the product with the same name as the shade on the chart. There are 24 shades of hair color on the chart from which to choose.

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Each hair color on the Excellence Cream color chart is associated with a name and a number. The Excellence Cream color chart product names ranges from Natural Black/Darkest Brown to Light Golden Blonde. The product name does not always accurately describe what the picture shows, but it is needed to find the correct product.

In general, the lower the number associated with a hair shade on the chart, the darker the color. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Hair color 9.3, For instance, Light Golden Blonde, is actually a warmer shade than hair color 9 1/2.1, Extra Light Ash Blonde. It is better to use the picture to find a hair color than to rely on the number.

Likewise, it is better to use the name associated with the hair color on the chart to pick the right color than to use the number. Numbers on the Excellence Cream color chart do not necessarily correspond to numbers on hair products made by other companies.

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