How Do You Use Emery Cat Board Refills?


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To use Emery Cat Board refills, first remove the used cardboard insert from the Emery Cat Board frame, and then insert the refill into the frame. The Emery Cat Board has a slightly abrasive surface that helps file a cat's claws.

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Refills for the Emery Cat Board consist of thick cardboard with a curved, textured surface that encourages cats to scratch. The top surface of the board has a honeycomb texture and an abrasive surface similar to a nail file. This texture helps to trim and dull a cat's claws over time so that the pet is less likely to damage furniture, clothing or carpets. The board also has a curved shape that supports cat stretching. The cardboard surface deteriorates as a cat claws it. When the cardboard insert begins to break apart or no longer provides the resistance required for scratching, the owner should refill it.

Refill packages for the Emery Cat Board sometimes come as bonus items with catnip. A small amount of catnip applied to the surface of the board helps attract cats to the toy. A cat attracted to the Emery Cat Board may be less likely to claw other furniture. As of May 2015, the Emery Cat Board is available from eBay and Amazon.com.

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