How Do I Use Depilatory Cream?

How Do I Use Depilatory Cream?

Depilatory creams are generally fast, relatively painless and easy to use. Select a product designed for the area being treated. Sensitive areas, such as the face and the bikini area, require specialized products.

  1. Do a patch test

    Apply a small amount to the area you plan to treat. Wait the specified amount of time, and remove it according to the package's instructions. If no irritation develops within 24 hours, the cream is safe to use on a larger area.

  2. Prepare the skin for hair removal

    According to Allure, you can avoid ingrown hairs by exfoliating your skin prior to using the depilatory cream. Gently scrub the area to loosen any dead skin and keep hairs from becoming trapped under skin during the hair removal process. Take a warm shower or soak the area for a few minutes with warm water to make stubborn or coarse hairs easier to remove.

  3. Apply the depilatory cream

    Read the package instructions thoroughly before using the depilatory cream. Apply it in a thick, even layer without rubbing it into skin. Let the cream sit for three to four minutes before testing a small spot. If the hair does not wipe away easily, reapply the cream and continue waiting. The process generally takes five to 10 minutes. Remove the cream by wiping your skin with a washcloth and thoroughly rinsing it under warm water. Pat the area dry.