How Do You Use CurlFormers?

How Do You Use CurlFormers?

To use Curlformers on your hair, feed a Curlformer onto the styling hook by twisting a small section of damp hair, slipping it into the hook, then pulling the hook through the Curlformer, causing the hair to wrap around it. Dry the hair completely before taking the Curlformers out.

  1. Connect the styling hook

    Attach the two parts of the styling hook that come with the Curlformers by connecting the handle end to the hook end.

  2. Section and twist the hair

    Leave a section of freshly washed, damp hair out, and clip the rest of your hair out of the way. From that section, pull out a smaller section of hair, about a 1/2-inch wide, and twist it, starting from the root.

  3. Connect the hair to the hook

    Hold the twisted section of hair up, and slide the styling hook underneath it as close to the scalp as possible. Slide the hair inside the hook.

  4. Attach the Curlformer

    Squeeze open the end of the Curlformer that is closest to the scalp, and pull the hook down through the Curlformer until it is out. The Curlformer should be attached to the hair section at the root, with the rest of the hair wrapped tightly around it. Repeat the process with the rest of your hair.

  5. Remove the Curlformers

    Dry the hair using a hair dryer, or allow it to air dry. Remove the Curlformers by squeezing open the end closest to the scalp and sliding the hair out of each one.