How Do You Use Crystal Nail Files?

How Do You Use Crystal Nail Files?

The crystal nail file was invented in Switzerland in the mid 20th century. The Czech Republic is renowned as a producer of finely made crystal files. Crystal nail files are made of tempered glass that is uniformly roughened through an acid etch or sandblasting. It takes only a few moments to shape nails with a crystal file.

  1. Smooth nails while shaping them

    Traditional cardboard files are rough on nails and may shed layers of keratin and thin the nail, making it prone to chipping and breaking. To avoid this, nails are filed in one direction only. Crystal files seal the layers of keratin during the shaping process, eliminating the need to file in one direction. A crystal file can be used on natural and artificial nails. When shaping artificial nails, dip the crystal file in water before use and also periodically throughout the shaping process to keep filings from building up.

  2. Keep your crystal file clean

    Between uses, wash your crystal file with soap and water and a scrub brush to remove nail debris. Beauty supply stores sell sterilizing sprays for use after washing.

  3. Practice simple safety precautions

    Crystal files are prone to breakage. Always store your crystal file in its original case. Discontinue using a crystal file that is chipped or otherwise damaged. Children should only use crystal nail files under adult supervision.