How Do You Use Concha Nacar Bleach Cream?

Concha Nacar bleach cream is used to bleach dark spots, clean pores, eliminate blemishes and remove impurities from the skin. Its key ingredient is powder made from mother-of-pearl derived from oyster shells, an ingredient that has been used in China and Latin America for many years as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formula.

Anyone wanting to use Concha Nacar bleaching cream should start by cleaning the face well. The Concha Nacar cream should be mixed according to package's directions, then applied to the face and neck. The cream should be left on the skin for a minimum of 30 minutes, though it is ok to leave it on for longer than an hour. After the bleaching session, remove the cream with cold water.

Other key ingredients in Concha Nacar bleaching cream include lemon juice and papain, an ingredient found in papayas. For exfoliation, the cream has honey and witch hazel for their anti-inflammatory properties. It also includes Irish moss, which detoxifies the skin and increases circulation. In addition, the cream includes bentonite, a type of volcanic ash used to treat acne, cleanse pores and rebuild damaged skin tissue. The oyster shell mother-of-pearl on Concha Nacar also helps eliminate scars and pregnancy stretch marks, soothe insect stings and rejuvenate dry skin cells.