How Do You Use Cold Wave Hair Rods?

To use cold wave hair rods, simply brush one inch sections of hair, secure hair sections on the rods and sleep with your head covered in a silk scarf. This process usually takes about 30 minutes of preparation and about eight hours for the hair to set.

  1. Select the rod size

    Decide which size rod you would like to use. For more defined curls, use a small rod. For looser curls, use a big rod. The sizes coordinate with the colors of the rods.

  2. Apply the rods

    Separate your hair into one-inch sections. Start at the top of your head. After brushing a section, wrap the hair around the rod starting at the tip of the hair and continuing until the rod is against your scalp. Secure each rod by pulling the elastic piece across the hair and capping it on the end of the rod.

  3. Cover with a scarf

    Wrap a silk scarf over your hair to keep the rods in place overnight.

  4. Release your curls

    Take out the rods one at a time. Start at the bottom of your head. Uncap each rod, and slowly unroll the hair. Separate each curl with your fingers for a more natural look.