How Do You Use Coconut Oil for Your Face?

How Do You Use Coconut Oil for Your Face?

Use coconut oil as a moisturizer for your face. Select extra-virgin, unrefined coconut oil. Massage a small amount of the oil onto your face, and wash it off with a gentle facial cleanser. .

  1. Choose the right coconut oil

    All coconut oils are not created equal. Look for coconut oil that is unrefined, unbleached and one that has not been hydrogenated or had fragrance added. Whenever possible, choose organic, non-GMO coconut oil. Coconut oil is found in most grocery stores in the cooking oil aisle or vitamin and supplement section.

  2. Massage the oil onto your face

    Moisturize with coconut oil at night. Start by washing your face and removing all makeup. With your fingers, apply a small amount of coconut oil to your face, and massage in a circular motion. Massage the oil onto your neck as well. At first the coconut oil may feel greasy, but your skin absorbs it quickly.

  3. Wash off the coconut oil

    After massaging for a couple of minutes, wash your face with a gentle oil-free facial cleanser to remove the residue. Moisturize with coconut oil every night for the best results. Do not use coconut oil if you have acne-prone skin, as oil can cause breakouts.