How Do You Use Cocoa Butter to Remove Stretch Marks?


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To remove stretch marks with cocoa butter, first wash the stretch marks and the surrounding area with a non-irritating cleanser, and pat dry with a clean towel. Then, scoop up approximately two to three fingers worth of cocoa butter, and massage it into the stretch marks in a circular motion. Repeat two times every day, preferably after a shower or bath to maximize the amount of absorbed cocoa butter

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Stretch marks occur when the collagen underneath skin's surface begins to break down or is injured. The most common causes of this collagen damage are pregnancy, extreme weight gain or rapid weight loss. Cocoa butter helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks because it provides extra moisture and fat to help increase skin's elasticity.

Other treatments for reducing or removing stretch marks include retinol creams, non-ablative lasers, glycolic acid creams and chemical peels. Stretch marks also tend to dissolve on their own over time. Stretch marks start out in vibrant purple or red but slowly fade over the years.

Unfortunately, there aren't any proven methods to prevent stretch marks. However, doctors recommend massaging almond oil or cocoa butter into the abdomen's skin during pregnancy. This extra moisture and massaging may help prevent stretch marks from forming.

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