How Do You Use Camphor in a Skin Care Routine?


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Use camphor to treat bug bites, cold sores, burns and itching, advises WebMD. Neither WebMD nor Drugs.com list any uses for camphor in a skin care regimen. Camphor is FDA-approved and should be applied topically to skin or inhaled with a vaporizer. Large amounts of camphor, even applied only to the skin or inhaled, can be toxic. Do not consume camphor or use it on cuts or broken skin.

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Camphor trees produce camphor naturally in their wood and bark, but commercial products use a synthetic form of the substance, notes WebMD. Camphor frequently is used along with menthol, a substance which causes a cooling sensation, to ease muscle and joint pain and chest congestion, advises Drugs.com.

Oral consumption of camphor can be fatal and may result in breathing trouble and seizures, warns WebMD. Although there is no standard camphor dose, inhaling or applying too much of the substance topically can also have negative side effects. The substance is particularly dangerous for children. Pregnant women should also avoid camphor. Avoid microwaving camphor or using it near flames.

Camphor has no common side effects, but it may produce allergic reactions in some people, advises Drugs.com. Although camphor has no known drug interactions as of 2016, patients should consult their doctor regarding any potential interactions with medications.

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