How Do You Use Bronzer?

How Do You Use Bronzer?

Bronzer is used to add a sun-kissed glow to the skin without the use of tanners or sun damage. To use bronzer well, you need bronzing powder, a bronzer application brush, a mirror with good light and some practice.

  1. Choose the right color

    Most skin tones can use a bronzer with a warm or yellow undertone. People with very fair skin need to use a bronzer with a cool or blue undertone, and people with darker skin should stick to darker bronzer colors. Make sure to try the color before purchase, to ensure it's the right shade.

  2. Prepare the skin

    Wash the face with a gentle cleanser, and apply a light moisturizer. Follow up with a thin layer of foundation. These steps create a smooth, even surface to apply the bronzer. Missing these can result in an uneven application.

  3. Use the right brush

    The brush needed depends on the desired look. For a sharper, more defined look, used a bronzer brush; for an all-over glow, a larger powder brush creates softer lines and a more blended look.

  4. Apply to the right areas of the face

    To achieve an all-over tanned look, tilting the face up toward a light source reveals the areas which are more prone to glowing. Sweep the brush across these areas of the face, making sure the bronzer blends in around the edges. To achieve a more defined look, sweep the brush along the angles in the face, such as the jaw line and cheekbones. Blending the edges prevents a striped look