How Do You Use Bobby Pins?


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To use a bobby pin, orient the pin so the shorter side with ridges is on the bottom and the longer straight side is on top. Select the piece of hair you wish to secure, slide the hair between the two sides, and push towards the face.

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  1. Select the piece of hair

    Whether it's bangs or a bun, select a chunk of hair that you wish to secure. If you are choosing a chunk of hair that is not already secured by a hair tie, try spraying the hair with a texturizing spray or twisting the strand of hair to give the bobby pin more grip.

  2. Angle the pin

    Orient the bobby pin so that the shorter ridged side is on the bottom, while the straight longer side is on top. The ridges help to grip the hair better, while the straight side helps conceal the pin by not interrupting the hair falling over it.

  3. Slide in the pin

    For pieces of hair that are not already secured, move the open side of the pin around the hair so that the ridged side of the pin is below the chunk of hair and touching the scalp while the straight side is above the chunk of hair and touching the scalp. Slide the pin towards the face.

  4. Seal with hairspray

    Spray liberally with a strong-hold hairspray so the hair doesn't budge.

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