How Do You Use a Blemish Extractor?

How Do You Use a Blemish Extractor?

Use a blackhead extractor by cleansing the face, moving the extractor over the blackhead, then cleansing again. It is important to use caution when using the tool because pressing too hard can cause scarring of the skin.

  1. Wash your face

    Wash your face with your normal cleanser, and be sure to rinse and dry completely. Look at the area to make sure that what you are seeing is a blackhead and not some other type of blemish that a dermatologist should treat.

  2. Place the blackhead extractor on the spot

    Place the extractor tool over the blackhead. While pushing gently on one side, slowly slide the tool over the blackhead outward and away from the nose. It should appear and feel as if you are using a knife to apply butter to bread.

  3. Wash your face again

    Wash and dry your face completely to remove any residual oil or toxins brought to the surface by the tool.

  4. Apply a facial toner and moisturizer

    Apply a good quality facial toner. Wait a few minutes, and use your choice of moisturizer.

  5. Cleanse the blackhead extractor

    Wash the blackhead extractor tool in hot soapy water to disinfect it so that it is ready for the next time. Be sure to rinse all the soap off.