How Do You Use a Blackhead Remover?


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To use a blackhead remover, cleanse the skin, steam the pores to open them, place the tool on top of a blackhead, and gently press the tool down on one side. Once the removal of blackheads is complete, cleanse the skin with a facial toner, and apply a moisturizer.

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  1. Wash the face

    Clean the face with warm water and a facial cleanser. Rinse the skin thoroughly to remove all traces of the product.

  2. Open the pores

    Apply a hot washcloth to the face, or use a facial steamer to help expand the pores.

  3. Extract the blackheads

    Position the flat side of the tool on top of one of the blackheads. Gently press the tip of the tool down on one side of the blackhead. Move the extractor tool over the surface of the affected area while gently pressing and rolling the tool. If the blackhead does not come out easily, avoid pushing too hard, and leave the spot alone.

  4. Tone and moisturize the skin

    To avoid any skin infections, wash your face again, and clean the extractor tool in soap and hot water. Apply some facial toner to a cotton pad. Swipe the cotton pad over the surface of the skin, and then gently press it into the face. After toning, smooth on a face moisturizer.

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